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Welcome To The Cotton Cloud

Parents of a little girl longing to have her favorite candy i.e. cotton candy Floss during the first lockdown. There we formed a firm by the name “VARDHMAN SUGAR N SALT” in 2020 and introduced a registered trademark “THE COTTON CLOUD” as the premium, hygienically packed, zero fat, preservative free COTTON CANDY FLOSS manufactured by double refined Sulphur free sugar and A Grade(FSSAI CERTIFIED) food colors and flavors.

The box of joy is now available at many stores in Delhi and Gurugram(Gurgaon) expanding each single day!!!

Our Journey and Why The Quest Began!!

We service all brackets of special events from birthdays to weddings, from gala nights to corporate functions and all things in between! No event or special occasion is ever too small. Our cotton candy is gourmet, natural & organic! The best thing about our cotton candy is that we offer a range of over 6 irresistible exotic flavors that will surely tingle your taste buds.

Bachpan ka Pyar

Our Products


In a short survey, when asked by people, “What is one thing that revives your childhood memory?”

Around 65% of people replied that it’s “COTTON CANDY FLOSS” which is hardly available in the markets. Especially during the lockdown when fairs and carnivals have taken a big back seat, cotton candy too cannot be found.

THE COTTON CLOUD is here to bring goodness back into the market.

Cotton candy surely is kids’ favorite and when it is ZERO FAT and HYGIENICALLY PACKED that is like the cherry on top!!


The cotton cloud ensures smiles to everyone’s face. It is one product which is away from all types of barriers, whether be Age, gender, caste, location or financial wellness.

It is loved by all and served by us with love for all!!




Gift of Nature

Bachpan ka Pyar

Corporate Orders

On the occasion of celebrating a new life, sweets play a crucial role. Your employees have been working hard to provide you with the best quality work. You must treat them with superior quality sweets you can get your hands on.

Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations / Curating Classy Corporate Events /Gifting & Appreciating Vendors, Suppliers & Clients / Acknowledging an Employee’s Achievements / Welcoming New Members On-Board / Celebrating Company’s Milestones

“Bhudia k baal” “Guriya k baal”

Custom Packaging

The procedure:

Download the form for filling in your details such as the details of the order you’d like to get packed and the list of the addresses. Email the list to Info@thecloudcotton.in
Once we have your order, our team will get in touch with you to confirm the order and provide you with the final quote.
You can contact one of our experts who will help you pick the perfect gift and sweets for your loved ones.
You can also directly order from our website where packaging can be customized according to the event.

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