About us

Welcome To The Cotton Cloud

Parents of a little girl longing to have her favorite candy i.e. cotton candy Floss during the first lockdown. There we formed a firm by the name “VARDHMAN SUGAR N SALT” in 2020 and introduced a registered trademark “THE COTTON CLOUD” as the premium, hygienically packed, zero fat, preservative free COTTON CANDY FLOSS manufactured by double refined Sulphur free sugar and A Grade(FSSAI CERTIFIED) food colors and flavors.

The box of joy is now available at many stores in Delhi and Gurugram(Gurgaon) expanding each single day!!!


How we started?

It all started with an endless cry and demand for a product which was not readily available in markets during the first lockdown. Something that was majorly a part of carnivals, malls and parks. Something which can not be found in the grocery stores or departmental stores. The demand was for Cotton Candy Floss by our 4 year daughter. We tried and tried to pacify her sometime with love, sometime by being a little harsh, sometime ignoring her, sometime with other candies and chocolates readily available. All went in vain. She just wanted to have the cloudy fluffy fine threads of sugar that are mouth melting and need not be chewed at all.

There this thought prevailed our mind that “She must not be the only one, there must be many others like her, who are missing this amazing form of sugar.” That there must be others as well who must be longing for the same.

We researched thoroughly, what ever material we could gather through the world wide net, related to the sugar spun we did. We found out that outside India, a box of cotton candy was available everywhere, in markets, in superstores, candy stores, online, offline both. Though in India there were 2-3 firms who are into cotton candy but majorly they are into exports. They were supplying in India only through online channels.

We also did a small survey on many FB groups and asked people “What is one eatable available in carnivals, that you miss and want to have still”. 70% of people replied “cotton candy”, “candy floss”, “budia k baal”, “gudia k baal”, “angel’s floss”. Name can be many but clearly love for the sugar spun threads was clearly visible.

There we decided to start a firm where we will manufacture cotton candy Floss and supply to stores first in our area and slowly and steadily spread our wings to other part of the country and online market as well.

We named our firm on god’s name since we were doing this on god’s directives. VARDHMAN SUGAR N SALT is the firm and the product THE COTTON CLOUD!


We searched for more details and found out that it is actually the temperature variation in India which makes it difficult to supply all year long.

Fact check:

After making few samples, we got them tested for nutrition check in Govt. certified lab. And to our surprise, it came out to be zero-fat. The process of manufacturing cotton candy floss simply takes away fat portion and converts it into energy, protein and carbohydrates!!! (for certificate, pls click)